Mum who's sick of 'nagging' creates clever way to tell her kids off

we love 12/04/2021

If you've got kids, then chances are you'll find yourself feeling like a broken record... One mum has come up with a clever way to fix that!

Taking to Facebook, the mum wrote "Sick of the sound of your own voice? This is my new strategy!".

She then revealed that she simply prints out a cartoon with a disapproving look on his face and places him around the house near things that may be messy or out of place.

Her hack has been met with a hugely positive response online...

"Think I might use this with my grown up children who do not know how to clean up after themselves," said another mum.

"Omg we have to do this with the kids! I fear we will spend most of our time placing them around the house though." added another.

Check out some examples of her hack below...