Mum with 11 kids shares her family's epic laundry mountain

omg 23/04/2021

Laundry. It's an endless process. From washing the clothes to collecting the clothes, to leaving them in piles for ages because you can't be bothered putting them away... It's a chore that we begrudgingly conquer at least once every month.

But imagine if your laundry pile looked anything like Kansas mum Britni Church, who is a pregnant mum of 11 kids, and has a true 'laundry mountain' to sort each time she does a load.

The US mum, who is pregnant with her 12th child, posted a series of videos of the laundry pile she conquers for her family of 14.

"My husband has a pool table in the basement, it's been covered in clean clothes, covered," she said in the first video.

When her husband asked if he could use the pool table again ahead of a tournament, suddenly Britni saw the entire clean laundry pile dumped into her bedroom for folding and sorting.

And while her older kids (aged 9 and up) do manage their own laundry, there were still at least 7 other family members she still needed to put away clothes for (including herself.)

And if you're wondering how it gets to that state - well this mum does around two loads of laundry every day, but it doesn't get folded.

"I 100 per cent agree with you on that, why in the world would I let it get that bad, I agree, all that laundry," Britni said.

"If I'm running late, I would rather have a huge pile of clean clothes than a bunch of dirty clothes.

"So if I have time to throw something in the washer and then in the dryer, I do it … at least that way it's clean and not sitting there dirty."

Think we'll never complain about the size of our laundry mountain again.