Australian Mum's toastie meal prep hack that's going viral

trending 03/05/2021

A Mum on Facebook has revealed her life changing meal prep hack that is perfect for anyone that wants a bunch of toasties on the go!

Rachel revealed on the Aldi Mum’s Facebook page that she prepares the toasties, wraps them individually in baking paper, pops the sandwiches into the bag it came in to then pop it all back into the freezer. Toasties whenever she needs them and all you have to do is cook them! 

Rachel said on the Facebook page,

"I use baking paper to wrap them. It means they’re easy to grab and I just open it up when I get to work so my toastie doesn’t get messy from people before me who don’t clean the press after use."

"I just grab one out of the freezer when I’m leaving home and it’s great in the sandwich press when I get to work 20 mins later"

If you’re someone that gets sick of eating the same thing over and over, you could try mixing up the flavours. Ham and cheese, cheese and onion, chicken and bacon or spaghetti. The options are endless with this amazing life hack!