Woman shares her money-saving $10 trolley hack

we love 10/06/2021

Sometimes it's hard keeping to that weekly grocery budget. Specially when there is so much temptation in the aisles, or you make the mistake of shopping while you're hungry.

But one Aussie shopper's clever trolley hack could be a way to be more aware, and even stop your overspending habits.

Amanda West from Brisbane shared her idea to “section” items in groups of $10 with a popular budget-saving Facebook group. 

In her photo she shows off her grocery trolley and marks her "groupings" between fruit, dairy, vegetables and a leg of lamb.

“To keep to my budget, at the shops I group the food into $10 (approx.) piles. This was about $80,” she captioned her photo.

“It helps me keep track easily and quickly without a calculator,” she told news.com.au.

She explained that the grouping idea came in handy when she goes over her weekly limit and needs to return items to the shelf - making the process much easier.

“Excellent idea for visual learners; not everyone is comfortable with calculators or written formats,” one woman commented.

Amanda said she's been surprised at the reaction to her tip, which has received hundreds of likes and comments.

“I originally sent it to a friend and then realised it might help other people do a mini budget easily,” she said.