Baffled mum begs for help with five-year-old son’s homework

omg 24/09/2021

When our children come home with homework, I think most parents can agree that 99% of the time we, would be able to answer all the questions and equations.

However, one mum has been stumped on a question that her five-year-old received.

The photo was shared with the Facebook group 'Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas'. The caption stated "Help! I either can’t do my son's year 1 homework or the question/pictures are not right. I am hoping it’s just wrong and I’m not losing my mind." The post received a great reaction with hundreds of parents chimed in to help.

The question left many parents confused as they speculated what the correct answer might be. "I work with year 1's and u can't even think what they are lol."

Another parent adding: "Pls let us know when you find out, this is going to haunt me all day."

So the question remains... what's the answer?