List claims these are the 'tackiest' things parents can do

omg 10/09/2021

With children heading back to school after being stuck inside for the past few weeks, a list has come out explaining the 'tackiest' things parents do.

According to a parenting expert, five things are massive 'no no' when it comes to parenting.

1: Gossiping at the school gates

He said: “While having a chat with other parents and guardians at the school gates is not tacky in itself, what does careen into Tacky Town is when parents trash talk the school, other people’s children, or the teachers".

2: Shouting out to your kids from the car window

Parents shouldn’t shout out the car window when dropping kids off unless they want to be seen as tacky. "Even worse when someone becomes a foghorn from the front seat, shouting last-minute instructions about pickup times and after-school activities".

3: Cleaning your child last minute

There is no need to ever clean your child in public. “A child is not a postage stamp; neither is it a baby chimp. There is no need to lick your thumb, wipe it across their foreheads or cheeks, and then send them on their way".

4: Using your child for social media attention

Trying to get likes and reactions on social media by using your kids is a major no. “A post of the child once born is totally fine, if not expected. But beyond that, be careful about exploiting the child just to get likes".

5: Children running around resturants

The last tacky thing that parents do, is let their children run around restaurants. “A restaurant is not a place for people to get together and eat, it’s a never-ending playground for the little darlings of lazy parents".


Did anyone else fail and get 5/5...