Clever Dog Fetches Owner Cocktails When She Says 'Gin O'clock'

omg 22/10/2021

If you need your 'cute dog fix' you can thank us later because we think we may have found the smartest dog of 2021.

'Bear' is a black labrador who can fetch a cocktail for his owner when she told him it was 'gin o'clock'.

"Bear trotted off on 'gin o'clock' and grabbed me a can. It was amazing and very useful. He's done it before with beer, cider, and even bottles of wine. He’s a good lad. He works for biscuits so, he's always willing to help out." Said Bear owner.

Bear's owner went onto explain the training: "If there were 10 toys in one place and I  pointed to one specific one, he was trained that he would get that for me. He's a very bright cookie".

Can someone teach us how to train our pup to do this...