McDonald’s worker reveals three drive-through secrets most people don’t know

goss 22/10/2021

Mcdonald Monopoly has had most of us lining up in the drive-through trying to the rare wins but did you know there are a few drive-through secrets that most people don't know.

TikTok user @charlton.a who works at a McDonald's in New Zealand has shared a video revealing a few trade secrets of the drive-through.

1) McDonald's workers can hear everything you’re saying

In the video, Charlton, said that even when order mics are ‘turned off’, staff can still hear what you’re saying in your car.

Followers were shocked to learn their chats could be heard even before they’d been asked to order, with one commenting ‘Wait really?! I’ve said things no one is allowed to know about!’

2) Our cameras take mugshot photos of you

As well as being able to hear your deliberations and offshoot conversations, Charlton’s video claims that McDonald’s uses cameras to keep track of orders.

He says the cameras ‘take mugshot photos of you so employees know which order’s yours’.

3) You can order a recipe book

One of the most shocking revelations in Charlton’s TikTok is the news that there’s a McDonald’s recipe book you can order.

Customers can buy a book called The Supper Club Recipe Book: Cuisine for a Cause, the proceeds of which are donated to the Ronald McDonald House charity.