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Netflix's 'You' fans 'losing their mind' over 'lazy' editing blunder

Netflix's 'You' fans 'losing their mind' over 'lazy' editing blunder

Fans were quick to spot it!
20 October 2021 11:28AM

If you haven't seen Netflix's hit show 'You' then you're missing out. The three seasons follow the story of a dangerously charming, intensely obsessive young man who goes to extreme measures to insert himself into the lives of those he is transfixed by. However, the 3rd season has left fans losing their minds of a continuity blunder.

Throughout season three Joe takes a shine to his co-worker, Marianne, who is in the process of trying to regain custody of her daughter from her abusive ex, Ryan. 

Marianne texts Joe, writing: "I need to talk to you." However, Joe's wife 'Love' intercepts the message and replies back pretending to be her husband, saying: "Come by my house ASAP. It's an emergency."

As the messages flashed up in the show, Many fans were left in hysterics after zooming in on Joe's profile picture on the messaging app and noticing it was not him.

One person commented: "How hard would it have been to use a single picture of him. I'm so confused about the laziness lmao."

Another joked: "That's Joseph Iceberg."

A third commented: "It'd be hilarious if that's what he actually was supposed to look like and he was just imagining he was more attractive than he is."

If you need a new show to Binge, we 100% recommend You.

Watch the trailer below