The second child is more "troublesome" to raise says study

trending 21/01/2022

Do you ever look at your children and wonder how they are from the same parents...?

Sorry second child, but studies have confirmed that you're more of a pain in the neck to raise than any other. 

A team of researchers studied families with two boys and they found some interesting behavioural differences between the older brother and the younger brother. 

The studies have shown that the second child will most likely spend more time in the principal’s office and is more likely to be disciplined at school by 20-40%.

However, before we start thinking the firstborn child is now our favourite child, the survey also showed that it may come down to the role parents play. The survey found that parents invest more time with first-borns at ages 2-4, suggesting that the arrival of the "second-born child extends early-childhood parental investments for first-borns.”

At the end of the day although the second child may be a cheeky monkey we still love them all equally...