Parents can rent out a real-life 'Bluey' house, inspired by the kids TV show

omg 09/02/2022

If you're a 'Bluey' fan looking for your next holiday, Brisbane would be the perfect stop for you!

A house in Brisbane has become a real-life version of the Heller home, inspired by the Aussie kids cartoon, 'Bluey'.

Listed on Airbnb, the two-bedroom home will be up for grabs for only one weekend in February.

"Brace yourself for a weekend of family games and make-believe, in a home featuring Bluey and Bingo’s colourful bedroom, toy-packed playroom and lush backyard - complete with trampoline!"

Kids will be able to sleep in Bluey and Bingo's bedroom, play with Bluey's Chattermax and Magic Xylophone toys, and eat the famous duck cake made by Bluey's dad Bandit!

If you happen to be heading your way to Brisbane and have money to pay $11 a night (a great accommodation price!) then you can check out the listing at Airbnb.