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Woman shares the 'life-changing' secret to using saucepan lids correctly

Woman shares the 'life-changing' secret to using saucepan lids correctly

How has no one told us this secret sooner?
24 February 2022 7:31AM

It's a modern-day dilemma - when you're in the middle of cooking and you take off the pan's lid, where do you put it down?

Are you the type that puts it face down on the counter? Or perhaps, you have the lid balance off its handle? Or do you panic and just hold it up in one hand, while you manage your stirring in the other?

Turns out there is a right answer for this if one woman's kitchen hack is to be believed.

Instagram user Maja has shared the secret to the saucepot lid in a short video demonstration.

"Okay so how often do you cook and you're like, 'I don't know where to put the lid!'" she asks.

And with that, she swiftly locks the lid under the lip of the pan, and held in place by the pan's handle.

"How about you put it here?"

And with that, we were stunned.

As you can imagine, comments flooded her video, claiming: "You changed my life."
"Yeah so I was today years old I learned this," said another user.
"Best hack ever," added a third.

We're gonna try this with all our pots and pans now.

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