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Ever wondered why your jacket has shoulder straps?

It’s so simple, we can’t believe it didn't occur to us.
13 May 2022 5:15PM

A TikTok-er by the handle @sidneyraz has changed our lifes after showing us the simple reason why most leather jackets have shoulder straps.

The video has been viewed over 4.9 million times and we can’t believe we didn’t realise this sooner.
Check out the video below… 

It’s being backed up by the professionals too, with this statement from fashion brand LeatherCult

Turns out, there are heaps of people just like us who had no idea of the strap's true use. 

One commented "I am almost 31... I did not know this..." while another added, "I ALWAYS WONDERED WHY WE HAD THOSE?!!!" 

From here on out, our bags will be strapped tightly to us!