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Woman wears a rubber band because shes ashamed of her engagement ring

Wife replaces her engagement ring with... a rubber band?
11 May 2022 5:49PM

A man revealed that his wife is so ashamed of her wedding ring that she wears a rubber band instead.

Arash, a TikTok user under the handle @tiktokarash, posted the video of his fiancée wearing a white rubber band in place of her ring.

“My Persian wife is ashamed of her 'small' 3-carat diamond ring so she wears this rubber thing instead”

The video has gone viral, with over 15.8 million views, and people have been speculating on why the woman chose a rubber band rather than a large ring.

People are thinking it could be up to “security reasons” with others adding “Take the ring back and let her wear the rubber band.”
Some have said the wife’s move is a bit of a red flag, while another commented “You got a winner”