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Kiwi man finds chewed and shredded passport some hours before the flight

Kevin, the Japanese Spitz dog thought his dad's passport was a yum snack
21 June 2022 11:34AM

Kevin, the Japanese Spitz from Christchurch tried letting his parents know that"If Kevin isn’t going to Fiji, no one is going to Fiji".

Growing up we've all heard the excuse 'My dog ate my homework', well Kevin took it to the next level by eating his dad's passport!

Kevin chewed and "ate" his dad's passport and it was only found the night before the flight. This obviously created a panic in the household!

A great reminder to all of us to quickly check our passports if it's intact and in one piece. 

The couple Monique and her husband Steve were excited about their long-awaited Fiji trip, but little Kevin had some other plans. 

The timeframe of when Kevin chewed it up is unknown, but it is believed to happen sometime over the past two and half years.

Monique had reminded her husband to put his passport in his travel folder, a few days earlier. But life happens, so when they finally found their passport on the last day, the state of the passport was not how they wanted it to be. 

Luckily their trip did not come to an abrupt end. After calling the after-hours service, they helped issue a new one. But, getting the photo approved, was a whole another mission, especially having to take the photographs at night.

"It kept rejecting the photos; you have nine chances, and we nearly used all of them," Monique explained Stuff.

Finally, around 11.30pm, Steve got a new passport that was safely kept far away from Kevin.  After four and half hours, they left for their Fiji trip!

In the TikTok video uploaded by Monique, she mentions Kevin could have eaten the passport as the cover of it was missing.

This probably was the most expensive meal Kevin has had in his life or anyone in the house. A total of a whopping $1005!

The urgent passport fee: $398 

An extra express fee and for the after-hours: $607

"It's not that uncommon actually, that other people had the same thing - but I guess it's just the discovery of it the night before that was a killer" Monique explained. 

The comments under the TikTok video shared by Monique were all convinced with Kevin's plans. 

"I believe your dog would like you to stay home 🏡 😅😅😂"

"Kevin said "going without me? absolutely not" 🤣🤣🤣"

"If Kevin isn’t going to Fiji, no one is going to Fiji. 🏝"