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Mum shares how she had 12 kids by 32

12 kids by 32! This would be a very busy house…
8 June 2022 3:41PM

People are stunned after a mum revealed how she managed to have 12 children by the age of 32.

Britni Church (@ourlargefamilylife), explined on TikTok how she grew her family over the years.

The quick video detailed her age at the time of each child's birth to her 1.8 million followers.

The video has since been seen over 434,000 times.

Britni broke it down into three sections, 'teens,' '20s,' and '30s' revealing she gave birth to triplets at the age of 30 in the final column.

People reacted positively to the video, praising the mother of 12 for raising such a large family.

One woman commented: “I salute you,” with another adding “Your house would definitely not be boring. How awesome, very happy for you.”