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The mega-popular 'Fireside in Queenstown' candle that had a waitlist of thousands is back

The mega-popular 'Fireside in Queenstown' candle that had a waitlist of thousands is back

Just in time for winter, too!
3 June 2022 12:59PM

A much-loved candle with a scent inspired by winter nights by the fire in Queenstown is back by popular demand after racking up thousands of keen customers on waitlists over the past few years. 

The 'Fireside in Queenstown' candle by Aussie fragrance brand Glasshouse has become a cult fave for its unique fragrance, which features notes of cinnamon, clove, sandalwood and guaiac wood.

It's hard to explain, (how come it's 2022 and we can't send scents via the internet yet?) but it's basically all the lovely warm woody aromas that come from cosying up by the fire without that sharp smokey smell that clings to your hair for days. 

When it first hit the shelves in 2020, it sold out faster than any other limited-edition product Glasshouse had, and a waitlist of over 2000 was formed. 

Candle-lovers begged Glasshouse to bring back Fireside in Queenstown last year, taking to social media to ask where they could get their hands on it. 

"I love this candle so much! Is it ever making a comeback?" one Instagram user asked. 

"This candle is so amazing I went to just go buy another one and I can’t find it?" said another, adding a crying emoji. 

Fans can dry their eyes now though - but only for a limited time, as the coveted candle has made a return online and in-store, in its trademark chic black glass vessel and watercolour packaging. 

If you're not making your way to the mountain this winter, this will give you all the apres-ski feels with none of the sore muscles.