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This watermelon hack is key to getting the most out of the expensive fruit

Prices have gone through the roof, so we need to get the most out of our melons.
14 June 2022 3:00PM

After watermelon prices cracked over $100 in Auckland earlier this month, any tips and tricks to grab thebest melon are always well received. 

One woman has helped us all out with the super simple tip on how to tell if your watermelon is the ripest and sweetest one in the store. 

People have been loving the clip on TikTok, racking up over 160.2k views! 

Shocked viewers have been commenting: “😳 I’ve been doing it all wrong - I go for the smooth shiny ones 😂😂😂” and “thanks! I've always wondered how to pick a good watermelon. I knew about the hollow thing but no others!”
While others in the comments were worried about the tips getting out: “Shhhhh!!! Now all the best ones will be gone.” 

At these prices, we need to make sure we’re getting that bang for our buck. 

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