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Aussie woman's genius way to overcome ongoing lettuce crisis

No more lettuce shortage in the house!
18 July 2022 4:42PM

The lettuce shortage has arrived to our shores, and knowing this trick shared by an Aussie woman to regrow lettuce will be super handy!

"Water propagation method, for people who don’t have access to soil or an outside garden space or very little income to get started,” she wrote.

For this you'll need to find a head of lettuce with roots attached to it.

The woman admits finding a lettuce with roots is the first real struggle. She succesfully found hers 40km away from her home.

Once you find a lettuce with roots in it, chop the head off the lettuce and then put the remaining part of the root and little leaf in a jar of water.

Next place the jar on the window sill. To ensure only the roots are submerged in the jar, put a skewer through the top of the lettuce to stop it from falling into the water. 

“I’ve already started to get some very small regrowth overnight, so say a few days,” the woman wrote when someone asked how long it takes for it grow a full head. 

“I do mine with the celery. I now don’t buy celery,” wrote one.

“Doing this with spring onions atm they are growing like crazy,” commented another.

While a third said, “This actually works really well … I do it all the time.”

“I do this! They grow perfectly."

It may be tough to find a lettuce with roots, so if you've gotten hold of just the head of a lettuce,  you could regrow from scaps too.