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Delivery person stuns homeowner with a bizarre 'proof of delivery' photo

Someone must be practising their shotput and javelin throw!
26 July 2022 2:57PM

Now this 'proof of delivery' photo wins the best delivery photo!

Phil Hollingsworth, 52 reminisced the time when he recieved a rather bizarre 'proof of delivery' photo. 

No one would have known about the epic throw without the driver's 'proof of delivery photo, in which the parcel can be clearly seen above the fence.

His parcel flew across the fence and landed succesfully on his yard.

Moreover, there were perfumes inside the box, so kudos to the packaging team because that's some "fragile" goods that definitely didn't get a safe landing. 

"I fondly remember my Perfume Shop delivery being "delivered" in this helpful shot. This is not fake btw" Phil wrote on a twitter, sharing a screenshot of the photo.

They notified him that they had delivered his "parcel through his letter box" but it clearly was not!

Delivery person stuns homeowner with a bizarre 'proof of delivery' photo

It's very impressive how the perfumes inside the box did not have any damage and it landed on his yard for him to pick it up.

"It was two boxes of Sauvage Eau de Toilette and they were fine! Surprisingly!" Phil wrote. 

It took some time for Phil to realize that the thing that was lying on his yard was his parcel and not a pigeon. 

Phil mentioned how he still does not know why the delivery person threw it over the fence. He said that he had "extremely helpful neighbours" too.  

"It made no sense. We weren't even in lockdown (it happened on 66/3/20)" he explained to a commentor who was curious if there were any reasons why the delivery guy could not get to the front yard. 

Many people found it hilarious and were extremely impressed by the throw.

"That's a pretty epic throw! The kudos is well deserved!" one commented. 

To which Phil replied, "Keep an eye out for him/her in the Commonwealth Games shot putt or javelin. This driver has to go for gold."