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Experts reveal cures for snoring that REALLY work

Experts reveal cures for snoring that REALLY work

Get a good nights sleep in with these tips!
7 July 2022 5:07PM

Researchers have discovered a couple of tricks that can help cure snoring.

Snoring can be disruptive for both the snorer and anyone who has the displeasure of sleeping in the vicinity of one. 

It can lead to a loss of sleep, as well as general feelings of drowsiness, an inability to focus, a shorter temper, and even a lack of libido. 

Luckily there are some relatively straightforward cures to kick the bad habit. 

Tongue Exercises

A study in 2013 saw that patients who partook in tongue exercises saw their snoring significantly reduced in both frequency and intensity. 

One exercise involves pushing the tip of the tongue against the top of your mouth just behind your teeth and sliding the tongue backwards 20 times. 

Another exercise is driving the back of the tongue to the floor of the mouth while putting the tip of your tongue against your front teeth 20 times. 

Sucking the tongue onto the roof of the mouth and then pressing the whole tongue to the roof also works.


A bit more fun than tongue exercises, singing can also help with snoring as it helps strengthen throat muscles!

Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital took 120 people with a snoring problem and had half of them do singing exercises for an extended period of time.

The half that sang saw not only their snoring reduce, but the quality of their sleep also improved. 

So get the karaoke machine out and have some belting out your favourite songs to get rid of that pesky snoring.

Researchers also found that, despite popular belief, a nightcap before bed does not help with snoring as it can relax muscles that prevent snoring. The same goes for sleeping pills. 

We hope these tips and tricks help out with any snoring issues you may be facing.

Sleep well!