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Fed-up woman shares hilarious trick to stop co-workers eating her food

The caps lock key was stuck for this letter
27 July 2022 10:52AM

A son has shared how his mum has brilliantly and hilariously shut down her coworkers who were guilty of stealing her food!

After she noticed some of her eggs had gone missing, she left out a note in the kitchen for the office to see... 

"Attention Attention Attention! To Whom It May Concern: I had a carton of eggs in the fridge and it’s gone! Who ever took the eggs please know that those eggs are not chicken eggs and are not meant for consumption." she wrote.

"If you have not consumed them please discard but if you have please see me for the antidote. They are eggs from a rare bird in Africa. Thank you! Ama."

In the end the culprit showed himself and came running for the 'antidote'.

"Not gonna lie, this is genius." the son wrote online.

He wasn't the only one who loved the clever prank...

"I had a baby and everyone at work knew I pumped for him. People kept stealing my cream so one day I posted a note saying that whoever was taking cream from x bottle was using my breast milk for their coffee as I used it for storing. Never happened again." one person wrote.

"I left a note on the fridge at work one day after someone ate my lunch that if they did it again I’m going to throw away everyone food in the fridge and EVERYONE will be hungry moving forward." added a second.

You've got to admit - this prank was definitely worth the effort!