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Have too many reusable bags in the draw? This tip will help sort you out

The pile just keeps getting bigger and bigger.
15 July 2022 6:42PM

We all have a cupboard, draw, or even just a corner around the house overflowing with our reusable bags. 

The never-ending cycle of forgetting your bags when you go to the shops creates an endless supply of reusable bags overtaking our lives. 

Well, one cleaning guru from Melbourne has just the tip to help keep your bags organised. 

Check out the video:

Her video had 77,000 views in only five days, so obviously this is a very universal problem! 

Many were eager to give it a go for the first time, while there were a few who admitted they had actually been using the method for years! 

If your grandma didn’t pass this wisdom onto you, give it a go now! It could be the solution you need for all those overflowing bags.