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Baby on the left and a mother holding her baby and taking a photo on the right.

Mum shares newborn baby sleeping tip she wishes she had known all along

This is super handy for any new parents!
27 July 2022 10:06AM

I think it's fair to say that your first child is always the 'experimental child' when it comes to how to parent them the best way.

Parents would agree that the stop-start nature of a newborn’s sleep cycle is incredibly difficult to regulate.

However, one mum has taken to TikTok to share her useful tip about how to put a baby to sleep.

The mum explained she discovered babies regularly alternate between active and quiet sleep. This means if your baby appears restless at times when snoozing, you may not need to soothe them.

So is this sleeping theory legit?

According to qualified baby and toddler sleep consultant Chris McFadden – aka The Daddy Sleep Consultant – it is and is the advice he shares with all new parents.

‘Babies don’t start sleeping in cycles of light and deep sleep – like us adults – until around 4 months,’