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This bride attempted to make her wedding cake the night before the ceremony

After making her wedding cake to save money, this bride was met with some harsh criticism.
5 July 2022 5:20PM

Weddings get very expensive very quickly, but one bride tried to cut down on costs by whipping up her cake the night before the wedding. 

In her video, Laura (@DarlingGoose) says, "Some say I must be joking, but I love it” as she shows clips of her putting the cake together. 

Laura made it even more simple by grabbing some boxed cake mix (which we’re all guilty of using too) before icing each layer and piling each tier on top of the next.

Check out the video below… 

However, her plan to save money was met with a lot of criticism in the comment section… 

"Is this a joke? It looks more like it's for a birthday," 

"I can hear your guests judging," 

"Why didn't you practice first?"

We think that might be a little brutal, but there were some in support of Laura’s cash-saving plan…

"Former professional here… you did great! Looks beautiful and will taste awesome too. Congratulations!" 

"It's gorgeous. It is made from the heart. Ignore anything negative. You're beautiful, and I hope your big day was fabulous!" 

"Thank god someone has some common sense and doesn't pay 500 for a wedding cake. You're beautiful! Let that shine, not your cake!!!!"