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Chef's food hack of making stale bread fresh again goes viral

Put the bread under running water!?
11 August 2022 5:19PM

One Chef has gone viral with his food hack on making stale bread fresh again. 

Chef Tristan Welch shares recipes and food hacks with his ever-growing followers on TikTok. He specializes in low-waste cooking and his tip for making stale bread fresh again has garnered around 4.2 million views. 

"From hard as a rock to fresh as a daisy - revive your stale bread using this simple tip" Tristan wrote on the caption. 

According to the Chef's tip, you first take the stale bread and put it under running water until it's completely soaked with water. 

Next, you place the soaked bread in a hot oven at 200C for around five minutes. For a larger loaf of bread, you will need to leave it a little longer in the oven. 

He then reveals the "fresh" bread. He recommends enjoying it warm with heaps of butter.

Many were as confused and surprised as we were, but regardless many were impressed with the food hack.

"As someone who hates wasting food this was so satisfying! 🤩".

Some viewers doubted if it was real, but they were many viewers who replied to the comments letting them know that it is in fact real. 

One viewer admitted that their roommates found them crazy when they told them about this genius hack. 

"my dad taught it to me and when i showed it to my roomates and they thought i went crazy until it finished" the viewer wrote.