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'Disgusting': Mum slammed for photoshopping 8yos body to look more grown up

'Disgusting': Mum slammed for photoshopping 8yos body to look more grown up

How did she think she could get away with this?!
29 August 2022 12:32PM

A mum has been slammed online after posting a photoshopped image of her 8-year-old daughter to make her body appear more mature.

How she thought she could get away with it is the most mind-boggling thing.

The image was posted to Reddit by a user who noticed that the image looked anything but natural.

The caption along with the post read: “This woman constantly photoshops her daughter’s body to look like this. She’s EIGHT.”

The screenshot shows an image of the woman’s three children, but you can clearly see that something is not quite right with the daughter standing in the middle.

The 8-year-old seems to have been distorted - In a very obvious way - to make it seem like she has a more mature, hourglass figure.

In the shocking edit, you can see that the girl's waist has been cinched, her hips widened and her arms are curved to match.

Why the mother feels the need to do this - we have no idea!

The original poster of the Reddit thread was questioned if the mother has ever addressed her poor photoshop efforts.

They replied saying that the mum “deletes any comments about the editing”.

Of course, the post was riddled with thousands of angry comments, most of which were concerned about the young girl’s well-being.

One person wrote: “Damn… That’s creepy.”

Another said, “I can’t imagine what that would do to the poor girl psychologically.”

A third shared: “Looking at airbrushed models in magazines is bad enough and gives kids unrealistic ideas about how they should look.”

“Honestly disgusting. What does she hope to gain?” said a fourth.

We couldn’t agree more! It is upsetting to see the efforts that this mother has gone to, for her daughter to appeal to her desire. Whether it's past damage or trying to instil some type of ideal into her daughter, it is all kinds of wrong and we can only hope that this doesn’t continue.

It’s a great reminder that we are all beautiful in our skin and it shouldn’t be up to others to determine how we should look.