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Expert reveals the subtle signs that your relationship is set to fail

Expert reveals the subtle signs that your relationship is set to fail

The red flags are everywhere
19 August 2022 6:24PM

Research has come out explaining the subtle signs that your relationship is set to fail.

It’s bad news if you love watching TV with your partner, British relationship expert Tina Wilson believes it could mean you’re running out of things to talk about. 

Another red flag to worry about is if your partner refuses to post pictures of you two together on social media as it gives the vibes that they don't want others to know about you.  

Below are the top 3 subtle signs that your relationship could be set to fail:


“Cookie jarring” occurs when you are not your love interest’s only option and they have yet to decide if they want to commit to you.

Pink flag: “Things are going well but you have yet to have ‘the talk’ to define your relationship and you wonder why and when this will happen. Something is holding you back from bringing it up.”

Red flag: “You find out you are not exclusive, and they are talking or seeing other people behind your back. You are essentially one of the 'cookies' they are keeping as an option when things don't work out with others. Know your self-worth and don't be an extra”, Tina said.


Love bombing is when your new love interest is focused obsessively on you and makes you feel like royalty with their infatuation. 

Pink flag: “Your new partner is showering you with flowers, words of love, endless gifts and lavish trips – it is really romantic but a little too much too fast?”

Red flag: “After the love bombing, they go suddenly quiet for a period of time before reappearing with love and gifts. Similar to ghosting but the key difference is the behaviour during those weeks or months you have been dating.

“There isn't anything to stop yourself being love-bombed but taking notice of obsessive behaviours, in the beginning, could have you taking a step back to be slightly more cautious and seeing true intentions shining through”, Tina explained.


This occurs when communication gradually drops, indicating a “slow fade” in your relationship. 

Pink flag: “Have the calls, texts and meeting plans become less frequent? It could be a sign your relationship is coming to a slow fade and potentially entering the ghosting phase, where one of you will stop responding completely.”

Red flag: “If you are finding that you are the one making the effort to see each other and arranging plans for the two of you, this is a sign you need to walk away. 

“If you are someone who needs closure, spot the signs before communication stops completely and be ready to move on”, said Tina.