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Five things you should never do in a hotel room as revealed by a hotelier

Former housekeepers have agreed to what the hotelier said.
10 August 2022 5:10PM

The hotelier @queenevangeline25 shared her top 5 things she would never do in a hotel and the video has been viewed more than 750,000 times.  

The hotelier is from the US, and we just hope the cleanliness situation in the hotel rooms are better here in New Zealand. After knowing her "never do's"  and reading the comment section, it's just feels better to never do those things at any hotels in the world. 

Here are the five things:

  1. Never use the TV or air con remote control directly. She suggests cleaning the remote controls with disinfecting wipes upon  arrival. 
  2. Never use the glasses in the room without washing them first.
  3. Apparently, the bedspreads do not get cleaned often ( like almost once in a year, according to the hotelier), so don't sit on those. "I would never sit on the bedspread. A bedspread is not the sheet, it's on top of that" she said. 
  4. Never walk bare feet in a carpeted room or the shower.  "I would never walk around a carpeted hotel or motel room with my bare feet," she said. "I would always have a pair of flip flops on. I would also not take a shower without wearing them" she said.
  5. Never use the ice bucket without putting the liner in it first. 

The comment section had other people who worked  as a housekeeper share their own experiences and agree to what she said.

"Former housekeeping here and I agree" one former housekeeper agreed.

"I'm a housekeeper and I know how rooms are cleaned, so I bring my own stuff and bedding when I stay in a hotel," a former cleaner revealed. 

Some people even shared their own experiences backing up strongly why you should really "never do" the things she said. 

"I wouldn't even use the bucket for ice... people throw up in them," a viewer commented.

"I honestly stuck my swollen foot in the ice bucket in a hotel in Hawaii without a liner, so think of that".

"I keep telling people this, do not walk barefoot on hotel room floors, no matter how classy the hotel is!" one viewer wrote.

We sure will never walk bare feet on the floors or the showers!