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Mum hilariously reveals the six types of dad you get at the school gates

This is so brutally true!
5 August 2022 4:33PM

A funny TikTok video has blown up online by Comedian Amy-Jo Simpson. Amy made a video to show the typical types of fathers you see at the school gate... and some may sound familiar.

The Young Dad - The one who turns up in baggy clothes and his cap on backward.

The Cyclist Dad - The one who enthusiastically waves his children off in full lycra.

The Confused Dad - The one who never quite seems sure what he should be handing his kids to take with them.

The Hot Dad - The one that all the mums secretly fancy with his suave smile.

The Military Dad - The one who marches his kids into the playground.

The Casual Dad - The one who wears shorts and flip flops all year round - and we all know one of those.

Watch the hilarious video below: