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Mum wants to change her son's 'inconvenient' birthday and it’s dividing parents.

There’ll be a few people in a similar situation.
12 August 2022 11:50AM

This mum has created a bit of a stir online over wanting to give her son a fake birthday.

The mother posted on Mumsnet  about how sorry she felt for her child because, in unlike his brothers, he has ‘to wait an entire year between presents’.

"My son was born in December and I just feel like it's so hard for him to wait an entire year between presents, and then of course to get birthday and Christmas so close together, especially because his sibling gets presents conveniently around halfway through the year.

Most people tended to think the idea leaned more towards the ‘mad’ side, with many parents calling the suggested fake birthday ‘ridiculous’.

"I have two December babies and we have never had a fake Birthday as it’s never been necessary.

"Not sure why you need a solution to something that’s not a problem."

"Unless their birthday is literally Christmas Day I think you’re being a little ridiculous, sorry,”

"I'm a Dec baby. Never been an issue ever. It's just one of those things".


Although some users mocked the notion in their comments, others offered practical solutions: "We have a December child. We just balance it by buying summer appropriate things when they are needed and then don't gift our children masses for birthdays Christmas." 

Some of us might want to lie about the year we were born, but not the month! 
What are your thoughts?