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The baby names most likely to become billionaires

The baby names most likely to become billionaires

Take note of this for your future little money maker
19 August 2022 6:33PM

Many parents will agree that trying to choose a baby name can be one of the trickiest decisions a parent has to make.

A study has revealed the baby names most common among billionaires, in order to help parents-to-be set their children up for success.

The list is based on the site’s internal customer data, as well as external data such as the Sunday Times Rich List.

The top 10 billionaire baby names are:


  1. David
  2. Alex
  3. John/Jon
  4. James
  5. Mark
  6. Jeffrey/ Jeff
  7. Larry
  8. Bill/ William
  9. Rob/ Robert
  10. Michael


  1. Elizabeth/Elisabeth
  2. Jasmine
  3. Ruth
  4. Leonie
  5. Sofia
  6. Whitney
  7. Zara
  8. Rachel
  9. Linda
  10. Isabella