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These Caramilk overnight oats will have you craving dessert for breakfast

This looks so good that we're drooling!
12 August 2022 11:45AM

If you've got a sweet tooth and love getting your day off with a bit of a treat, this recipe for 'Caramilk Overnight Oats' might be your ideal breakfast!

The recipe has proved popular on Instagram after food blogger NoasHealthyEats shared a short video showing the finished product off.

"It’s a must save, they are INSANE! I’m still amazed at how good overnights oats are and this is coming from someone that is obsessed with baked oats." she wrote.

"It’s dessert for breaky that you can prepare the night before. Makes 2 Bowls higher protein can make V, DF."

Check out the full recipe if you want to make it at home in the post above...