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Viral hack for cleaning your air fryer that makes it look 'like new'

One of the most popular purchases for 2021!
19 August 2022 5:09PM

Over the past few years we've been introduced to many trends but one of the most popular must be the rise of the air fryer. PriceSpyNZ data shows New Zealand sales of the handy kitchen appliance have been rocketing in recent months!

If you own an air fryer you would know how amazing they are but, their only downside would be how quickly they can get dirty.

One clever TikTok user has revealed an amazing hack that will cut your air fryer cleaning time down to next to nothing. 

UK TikTok user Tanya, revealed in a recent clip that all you need to wash your air fryer is some washing liquid and water.

"This hack is literally genius," she says in the clip, while pouring dishwashing liquid into the drawer. 

Thousands have since commented on her video "Just did this. It worked so well I couldn't believe it," one TikTok user wrote.

"Thanks for the tip; this might come in handy one day. I typically line the bottom with foil for easy clean-up," another added.

"Ooohh yesss cleaning the air fryer is my WORST job," a third wrote.

It sounds super simple but we can promise you this works!