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Woman shares a genius hack to get oven sparkling clean with only two ingredients

It works for both oven and microwave!
1 August 2022 5:42PM

When it comes to cleaning ovens it can be one of those chores that just takes some extra effort and time. So that's why when we come across cleaning hacks that save time, are efficient and make it easier, we love to share them with you. 

A woman has shared her very simple cleaning hack which only involves two ingredients: one lemon and water; two things most of us usually have at home. 

The woman first takes a metal bowl, and places sliced lemons and water in the bowl. After preheating the oven at 200C, she puts the bowl into the oven. In the comment section, the woman shared that she suggests leaving the bowl in the oven for 20-30 minutes. 

She then soaks a towel in the hot lemon water and starts wiping her oven to reveal a very clean oven. She shows the dirty towel, showing how well the cleaning trick works. 

Although many people were quick to jump that the oven was clean from the start, there were people who actually tried it out on their dirtier ovens and left a comment that it worked.

"I’ve tried this and can say it works soooo good my oven was dirtier than this too" one viewer wrote.

"This also works in microwaves 🥰" another viewer suggested.

"I knew this trick for microwaves, never thought to use it for ovens! Awesome 👏" a third wrote.

Easy, simple and it's also with things that are already available at home, so we think it's worth giving a try!