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Woman’s wheelie bin cleaning hack slammed as 'gross' online

Is it time to start thinking about spring cleaning yet?
5 August 2022 4:39PM

A Facebook post on a 'Mum's Facebook group' has caused some serious divide with people when a lady posted about how she brought her outdoor bin inside for her spring clean.

The idea of bringing the bin inside was to save multiple trips out to the bins. However, keyboard warriors have attacked this lady for this idea.

One person commented: ‘Bin inside during a pandemic, no! And recycle everything you can, for the planet’s sake,’ while someone else wrote: ‘Hope you are going to recycle all that’.

Another person commented: ‘What a waste of things that could have been recycled or donated and reused by someone else.’

After receiving a lot of negativity the lady went back to Facebook to explain her process of cleaning.

‘Don’t assume off one photo! Leave your nasty comments where they belong. In your own head. The bin was used to actually get the stuff out of the house easily and in bulk.

‘One person doing a massive job. You have no idea so keep opinions to yourself because it achieves nothing other than you being an a**.’