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1880’s baby names making a comeback, here are the top 30

Number 12 in the boy’s list could be very accurate…
19 September 2022 3:42PM

People come up with some very unique baby names these days but sometimes you just can't beat a classic. 

A self-professed 'name nerd' has put together a list of the top baby names from the 1880’s that look like they’re making a return in the 2020’s. 

The names predicted on the list have been gathered "based on name trends we’ve been seeing", and feature some really cute and classic names. 

Here are the top 15 girls' names

1. Martha
Meaning 'mistress of the house', (with St. Martha being the patron saint of housekeeping) 

2. Nellie or Nell
Meaning 'shining light'

3. Mabel
Meaning 'lovable' or 'dearly'

4. Cora
Meaning 'maiden' or 'daughter' 

5. Helen
Meaning 'light' or 'bright'

6. Lula
Meaning 'famous warrior'

7. Alma
Meaning both 'nourishing' and 'kind soul'

8. Irene
Meaning 'peace'

9. Olive
Meaning 'olive tree' 

10. Pauline
Meaning 'the little one' or 'small'

11. Ora
Meaning 'prayer'

12. Iva
'God is gracious'

13. Lulu
Meaning ‘pearl' or 'precious'

14. Lola
Meaning 'sorrowful'

15. Lela
Meaning 'black beauty'


The top 15 boys’ names

1. Oscar
Meaning 'friend of the deer' or 'champion warrior'

2. Carl
Meaning 'free man’

3. Martin
Meaning 'God of war'

4. Eugene
Meaning 'well-born' or 'noble'

5. Francis
Meaning 'Frenchman' or 'free man' 

6. Raymond
Meaning 'counselor' or 'protector'

7. Harvey
Meaning 'iron', 'battle worthy' or 'blaze'

8. Otto
Meaning ‘wealth' and 'prosperity'

9. Warren
Meaning 'park keeper'

10. Emil
Meaning 'excelling' or 'eager'

11. Victor
Meaning 'winner' or 'conqueror'

12. Calvin
Meaning 'little bald one'

13. Dennis
Meaning 'follower of Dionysus'

14. Russell
Meaning 'red-haired'

15. Roscoe
Meaning 'doe wood' or 'deer forest'