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23yo bride's 'horrible' reason for not inviting grandma to wedding causes outrage

23yo bride's 'horrible' reason for not inviting grandma to wedding causes outrage

“If I was her fiancé I’d run for the hills now.."
5 September 2022 1:56PM

One bride's reasoning for refusing to invite her nana to her wedding has created a rift in her family and prompted shock online.  

In a post on the 'Am I The Asshole' Reddit page, an unnamed 23-year-old bride said her grandma had been left off the wedding invite list “in fear that her heart problems would ruin it”.


The post went on to explain that her grandma, who is in her early 60s, had heart problems that had caused her to have a heart attack earlier that year, and the bride didn't want those issues to "act up" on the big day. 

She said: “It’s really nothing personal, but both my grandma and my mum took it personally and made it an issue with my entire family.”

The user continued to defend her decision by saying: “At the end of the day, who I invite or not to my wedding, and for what reason, is entirely my business, and anyone who disagrees is free to not attend.”

Ouch. We would understand if it were a friend or a co-worker, but to not invite your grandma is a completely different level of messed up.

Let’s not forget she is partly responsible for your existence…

Who Knows. Portrait Of Confused Mature Woman Shrugging Shoulders Looking At Camera Sitting On Couch And Talking. Puzzled senior lady is clueless. I'm sorry, exuse me, can't decide

The bride finished her post firmly saying, “I’m not gonna let myself be guilt-tripped into changing my wedding invitations.”

So what exactly is she looking for in response to this post?

The bride seems pretty dead set on her decision, and not even the outpour of reactions to her brutal move will change her mind.

Speaking of the reactions, many slammed the young bride’s decision, with one user saying, “If you aren’t mature enough to realise what an AH you are, you sure as hell aren’t mature enough to be getting married.”

Another made a perfect point writing: “Did it occur to this ridiculous person that if her grandmother doesn’t attend her wedding, and happens to have a medical event that coincides, her mother and others would leave her event to go to the hospital anyway?”

“If I was her fiancé I’d run for the hills now. Imagine saving to say, 'sorry mum and dad, you can’t spend birthdays/ thanksgiving/Christmas with your grandkids anymore because ya know, you’re over 60 and might ruin it'," said a third.

It honestly is as ridiculous as it sounds, and after reading the comments, we can only hope that the bride will come to her senses and allow her entire family to enjoy her special day.