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A PI shares the top 5 signs you're being cheated on

Private investigators from Australia have shared to top 5 ‘cheater’ signs to look out for
20 September 2022 2:09PM

It’s a rough time getting cheated on, but a group of private investigators from Australia are helping people detect the signs early. 

There are a couple of warning signs that you could start to notice, with over 30 years of experience, this team know their stuff. 

The top five signs they focus on in the video are: 

  1. They lie about big things and small things

  2. They get excessively defensive 

  3. They gaslight you 

  4. They accuse you of cheating 

  5. They have a history of cheating

Those aren't the only five though. At the end of their clip, they asked for other people's signs of a potential cheater, and people had a lot to say! 


Some of these may be innocent and easy to explain. Phones sometimes do run out of battery and some people might start going to the gym for themselves, but if they start to add up… keep your eye out.