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American mum gives the same name to all her triplet daughters after expecting a baby boy

American mum gives the same name to all her triplet daughters after expecting a baby boy

You've got to have a backup name ready!
6 September 2022 2:40PM

A mother from America was expecting to have a baby boy so much that she had no backup names planned in case it wasn’t a son that was welcomed to the family.

Well, that backfired on her when she gave birth to not one daughter, but triplets, all girls, but still gave them the boy's name. 

Posting on the question and answer forum Quora, Cathryn shared a story her mother once told her.

She was replying to the question: ‘What is the worst baby name that some actually named their baby?’ when she shared this crazy story. 

“My mother is a nurse who worked labour and delivery at a southern hospital during my childhood,” she started.

“Back in the 80s prenatal care wasn’t free in America like it is now, and poor women frequently came in to deliver without ever having seen a doctor.”

“One evening a very large woman showed up in labour and was admitted to my mother’s care. She wanted to have a son and had only selected a male name: Robert. Unfortunately, she did not have a son that day; she delivered triplet girls.”

“Given the setback, she decided to stick with her plan: the first daughter was named ‘Robert’, the second, ‘Larobert’, and the third, ‘Sharobert’.”

Well, what a story that is - we kind of feel bad for Robert, Larobert, and Sharobert, your name is one of the only things you have your whole life, you’d hope your parents would put at least a little thought into it. 

We guess as long as their Mum loves them it is okay. 

Another Quora user shared a similar story of siblings with near-identical names. Alice told an anecdote about her father-in-law, named Lloyd.

“My late father-in-law was a twin. His twin died, but my father-in-law was named Lloyd. His twin who passed was Floyd. Later there was another brother that was named Cloyd. Lloyd, Cloyd, and Floyd,” she shared.