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Family shocked by Aussie bride’s 7 strict wedding rules

The list of rules went viral after the bride made a video explaining them
21 September 2022 5:49PM

In a video that has since been taken down, a bride from Australia has divided the internet with her seven strict rules for her wedding. 

The bride, known as @pinkpartypunch on TikTok, stated, "My partner and I have copped so much s**t over the rules that we have for our wedding in February" and knew that they had created a stir within her family. 

The most controversial one according to the TikToker was the fact they are not having any children at their wedding except for their son. 

Many people have done similar things with their wedding for many reasons. @pinkpartypunch said the reason she and her husband to be decided not to have any kids at their wedding was because they plan to get married at a registry and only have 50 seats for guests. 

It can be hard enough narrowing the list of guests down, once you start adding kids there wouldn't be enough seats for all the loved ones they want there. 

No one wants drunk eyes in wedding photos, and it might even help protect from any stray speeches taking hold of the mic. 

The third rule is ‘no phones at the ceremony. The bride has even gone as far as to say she will stop the wedding if she sees anyone on their phone! 

The fourth rule was no plus ones. It can be tricky to navigate plus ones as it means you could be inviting a stranger instead of a loved one.

A handy rule of thumb if you are having plus ones, keep them on the end of the photos so they’re easy to crop out! 

Continuing with rule five, the couple has said all guests must "dress to impress". At least if the bar isn't opening early there won't be any early spills on the husband’s white shirt! 

The sixth is a given because no bride wants their thunder stolen on the day. 

The final rule was not to announce she and her partner we married until the couple was able to make the announcement themselves. Which should be a little easier with no phones allowed at the wedding. 

The video, which was viewed over 750,000 times before being taken down, had the comment section turned off but people still flooded to her other videos to show their support.