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Father of six finds out his wife is expecting their seventh baby and his reaction is priceless

They even created a puzzle to reveal the news to their six sons
16 September 2022 2:47PM

When this father found out that his wife is expecting their seventh kid, he had the sweetest reaction.

Tim and Sarah Molitor from the US, regularly document their lives on Instagram (@modernfarmhousefamily) as parents of six. 

It doesn't stop there though with the Sarah revealing to her husband, Tim, that they are expecting their seventh child, and his reaction is the sweetest! 

Check out the moment Sarah told her husband they were expecting a new family member below…

Over 20 million people have already watched the video.

Inside the gift bag was a card with the message "I love you, daddy!" and a positive pregnancy test. 

Following the stunning video, fans filled the comments with heartfelt compliments.

Once the husband knew, it was time to tell the rest of the kids about the new sibling they had coming their way.

Posting another video on their Instagram page, they detailed how they told their six boys, Jude, Hudson, Chase, Crew, Beck, and Griffy.

This time they created a puzzle that the boys had to figure out and reveal the secret.