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‘Makes a lot of sense’: Disneyland might be coming to Australia and yes please

‘Makes a lot of sense’: Disneyland might be coming to Australia and yes please

While you're doing that, why not bring it over here as well?
23 September 2022 4:30PM

An Aussie winemaker/businessman/millionaire wants to bring ‘the happiest place on Earth’ to his homeland. 

Warren Randall is the man who wants to bring Disneyland down under.

He owns the  Seppeltsfield and Penny’s Hill wineries and they have netted him a fair amount of money - enough to put the seventh Disneyland in the world in South Australia (or at least entertain the idea). 

He talked to The Advertiser and said he wants Adelaide to be more than just a layover for tourists and believes it’s got the scenery to do so. 

“I think, in tourism, we’re all a little bit sick and tired of Adelaide being the place you fly over when you go from Sydney to Perth,” he said. 

“It is time we made a statement, a few statements, in our state."

“McLaren Vale would be my spot - wide, open, flat, next to the beach, next to the ranges - makes a lot of sense.”

Randall owns some land in McLaren Vale and has offered some of it to bring Mickey Mouse and his friends to Aussie.

“I would love to make land available for the location to kickstart it. Definitely. Either you sell the land into a consortium or you lease it or you gift it — you find a way,” he said.

“I think because we are so close to the beach, the hills and the city, particularly with the two-way Southern Expressway, that makes all the difference.”

“We have the land. We’ve just got to have the will, the desire and the energy to put it together.”

Bringing a Disneyland down under would be sooo much fun for the whole family. And hey, it would be a lot easier than taking the whole family to Europe, Asia, or the United States, where all the Disneylands currently are.