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This ‘messy dinner’ has divided the internet

Short-term mess for fewer dishes in the long term
14 September 2022 5:43PM

A mum in Australia has caused a bit of controversy online with her ‘messy dinner’. 

It does exactly what it says on the label, it creates a mess on the dinner table by just pouring the spaghetti and bolognese straight onto the tablecloth WITHOUT plates! 

The mother-of-two posted about the unique dinner on TikTok where she pours the pan of spaghetti onto the table and topped it off with the bolognese: 

The two kids were obviously very excited by this, but the people of the internet were a little more divided… 

One viewer joked: "I normally put it in the toilet bowl for my kids to go fishing, kids love it”, while another added "I leave it on the pavement outside my house for them to forage through,". 

That didn’t mean that the unusual meal didn't have its fans: 

One viewer topped it all off with the smartest comment though, stating: "the way everyone has failed to realise this messy dinner is actually a lot less messy, you can just throw the whole tablecloth away and it’s clean"