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Thought you knew how to brush your teeth? Apparently we’ve been doing it wrong

We’ve all been brushing our teeth wrong according to this dentist
20 September 2022 11:56AM

We’ve all had the lecture from the dentist telling us to floss better, but apparently, there s a lot more we seem to be doing wrong when it comes to our daily task. 

Chelsea Dental Clinic in London posted the video to TikTok showing us the common mistakes people make when brushing their teeth. 

  • The first on the list was running your toothbrush under the tap before brushing.

    Running your brush under the tap will dilute the toothpaste and cause it to be less effective.


  • The second mistake was not focusing on the gum line.

    This is crucial to remove plaque and food particles from the gumline and avoid bacterial buildup that might cause gum disease or tooth damage.


  • Coming in third was rinsing with water after you brush.


  • And the last mistake on the list… not changing your toothbrush regularly enough.

    On the Colgate website, it states we should be changing our toothbrushes every three to four months.