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Aussie influencer shut down mum-shamers after leaving babies with their dad for a weekend

Aussie influencer shut down mum-shamers after leaving babies with their dad for a weekend

"This is why mums struggle so badly with guilt!"

An Australian influencer has made it very clear to internet trolls who judged her for leaving her baby with her husband for two days that all mothers "deserve a break".

After Ashy Bines left her husband to care for their six-year-old son and four-month-old daughter while she went on a girl's weekend, she received some pretty horrible criticism

Bines shared with her one million Instagram followers that she had gotten a large number of negative comments on social media, including one from a mother who said: “How COULD you leave your baby for that long, that’s so wrong.”

Explaining the pain that she felt leaving her babies, Ashy wrote: "I know judgment has come flying my way leaving her for 48 hours BUT hear me out…”

"I LOVE my baby but also LOVE my friends. I LOVE my baby but also love travel and variety. I LOVE my baby but also love doing fun things just for me."

Of course, Ashy mentioned that she had full trust in her husband and she was well aware that the children would be safe and happy with their own father.

Ashy continued to say that the reason for her post was to “remind other mums it's ok for you to have a life and enjoy other parts of your life not just mum life OR just need a break.”

"Let's be kind to one another and not project or send hate to another mum who's doing her thing. Might not feel right for you and that’s ok, we all do exactly what feels good for us."

Many of Ashy’s fans joined the conversation in support of the mother taking a well-deserved break.

One Instagram commenter wrote: "This is why mums struggle so badly with guilt! There is absolutely nothing wrong with being away from your baby for a couple of days, god forbid they are left with their OTHER parent."

"How dare you trust your own husband and leave your daughter with her own father. People are crazy or jealous." another sarcastically poked fun at Ashy’s haters.

A third added: “100% agree if Dad went away no one would bat an eyelid…”

It seems as though the majority of people are on the side with mums being able to take a bit of time to themselves every now and then, it’s just such a shame that some negative nancies have to shame people online - Put your feet up, mamas!!