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Bras N Things have released this ridiculous set, and I promise the comments will make your day

Bras N Things have released this ridiculous set, and I promise the comments will make your day

In this case, less is not more!

People are going absolutely bonkers over this viral bra and undies set, and it’s ahem, lack of big boob energy.

Bras N Things took to their Facebook page to announce they’ve brought the “crotchless, cupless, diamonte frosted glory” bra back into stock.

SOURCE: Bras N Things Facebook page

The intimates brand introduced their Sugar Rush bra: “new hot pink colour, same meme potential. Go on we can take it!” 

And the comment section did not disappoint, with one FB commenter writing: “god forbid I get struck by lightning while wearing this, my nips will go from sunny side up to over easy…”

Another chimed in with her hilarious idea:  “I’m buying this just to wear on international flights… The customs officers will be scarred for life when they finally discover what’s setting off the metal detector.”

I mean, that’s a whole new level of brave, because I don’t even think I would make it 0.05 seconds out the door before my boobs overflow onto the front doorstep!

Of course, it is “cheaper to just buy a highlighter and draw them on,” as pointed out by a third crafty FB user.

SOURCE: Brasnthings.co.nz

Then there are the bottoms that equally match the spillage potential, bringing in a whole new round of hilarious comments.

“My kitty would look like a hedgehog stuck under a floorboard,” one woman describes in a rather exposing joke, but if we're being honest, we all understand that a little too well!

Another simply asked the question we are all thinking… “Where do my flaps go?”

It’s the most genuine of concerns!

A third also joked in the utmost relatable comment of the day: “I would look like a cheese toastie cooked in a Breville.” 

If you know, you know!

It sure seems like Bras N Things knew what they were in for when they decided to bring the barely there set back to their shelves, but we’re so glad that they did, purely just for a good giggle looking at the comments section! Now, I’m just curious as to who would actually buy a pair?!