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Mum 'in floods of laughter' after family cat follows kids to school, gets portrait taken

Mum 'in floods of laughter' after family cat follows kids to school, gets portrait taken

The "honorary student" Ziggy's photo was delivered to mum and she did not expect it at all.
10 October 2022 3:17PM

We all remember those days when we begged not to go to school, but one cat named Ziggy deserves a round of appaws, for earning himself a perfect attendance record.

Ziggy loves going to school every day and in fact, the headmaster of the school describes the cat's attendance record as the "excellent example for other pupils".

Meghan, 10, and Chloe Roberts,7 were excited to get their photo taken at school, but it was nothing compared to the excitement of their four-year-old cat.

Of course, Ziggy the honorary student isn't going to miss the big picture day!

What's really incredible is that he did not even need any direction or assistance, "he just got up there for a photo".

He got up on the photo chair, looked at the camera, got his picture taken and he just left.

Their mum Emma shared her reaction when she saw Ziggy's photos which she did not expect at all. 

“Chloe handed the letter to me and I expected it to be her photos,” Emma Roberts told local Welsh news. 

“But then when I looked I was just in floods of laughter and so were the other mums standing by me.”

“I asked her what had gone on and she said he just jumped on the chair. He didn’t need any encouragement, he just got up there for a photo. The school has just accepted him and he goes there at any opportunity. He’s there every day.”

The photo is definitely something Ziggy and the family are proud of. And not to worry, Emma admitted that she bought a copy of it to place it on the mantelpiece next to Chloe's and Meghan's.

We love this. Great photo Ziggy!