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The top 20 popular baby names in October 2022

The top 20 popular baby names so far in October 2022

Spot any familiar names on this list?
10 October 2022 2:48PM

It’s a big decision choosing a name for your little bundle of joy. 

The Office for National Statistics in the UK have sorted through the names and found the most popular ones so far in 2022. 

Oliver has slid to second place on the popularity lists for the first time in eight years, while Olivia has remained at the top for girls' names (for six consecutive years).

“While Noah and Olivia are enjoying their places at the top,
some names could be in danger of falling out of favour” 

For boys, Henry and Archie are securely in the top 10, while for girls, Freya, Florence, and Willow have surpassed Isabella, Rosie, and Sophia.

Take a look at the full list: 

Top 10 boys names 

1. Noah
2. Oliver
3. George
4. Arthur
5. Muhammad
6. Leo
7. Harry
8. Oscar
9. Archie
10. Henry

Top 10 girls names 

1. Olivia
2. Amelia
3. Isla
4. Ava
5. Ivy
6. Freya
7. Lily
8. Florence
9. Mia
10. Willow