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WARNING: We need stop using the thumbs up emoji because it's too 'offensive'

No this isn't a joke! The thumbs are done.

Okay, so we found out today that using sending a thumbs up to a Gen Zer is apparently considered passive-aggressive and we need to stop using it entirely - what?!

It doesn’t matter if it’s a casual chat as friends or in a work email, the younger generation isn’t afraid to call you out for the use of your offensive thumbs.

Don’t believe me? A 24-year-old took to the social platform Reddit to warn us to “never use it in any situation as it’s hurtful”

The post continued: “No one my age in the office does it, but the Gen X people always do it. Took me a bit to adjust and get it out of my head that it means they're mad at me.”

Others took to Twitter to share their absolute confusion and disappointment as they “give up”.

One Gen Xer is fed up writing: “I was told I’m using too many words and punctuation and it’s aggressive and I should use emojis. I use [thumbs up] to say “got it, thanks.” This article is saying I should be typing “thanks.” OK, fine. I’m good with that. But why is [thumbs up] offensive?”

Another said: “You'd be surprised. Had a friend who hated me using the thumbs up or replying 'ok' instead of 'okay'...”

Then there are these two who had an absolute laugh about the whole thing.

“This morning, I sent my friend a text to say I'd be late coming over. She replied with a thumbs-up emoji. I've been shaking since she sent it, and I've had to go to my safe space to recover,” Wrote the first woman. 

The other mocked the tweet by saying: “Thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Obviously, your friend should be arrested.”

It really does seem like a joke, right? But according to Business Consultant Sue Ellson, it could be time to listen to the younger generation. 

“It feels like people are 'too lazy' to type a written response and it doesn't provide clarity as to the next steps,” she said.

“Do you mean 'yes I will do something, okay I agree' or is it just confirmation that you received the message,” she added. 

Okay, so maybe it is easier to just say what you mean instead of trying to keep up with the times. Don’t tell me the cry-laughing emoji is the next to go, I wouldn’t be able to deal with that!